Parts Per Billion

a step of unknown

the living kaon

this amber rendering

of causal surrendering

drift and shift

of a gaze tearing haze

that wanders and plays

in the rolling moraine

of the bleak mundane


i shelter my guilt

 the fine axis tilt

a spill of ocean

onto the plains

solidified calcified

ancient remains

of  stoic life

 filling alveoli


 i perseverate

on my trivial fate

a cloud that snuffs

the light of reason

 i remember i was born

of a softer season

on tentative wings

i dare to rise

and resume the hunt

for unpolarized light


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art by Andrew Sandberg, “Good Night Bather”

Choking smog in Delhi during the festival of Dewali (the celebration of good over evil) threatens to extinguish the light.

A kaon in quantum physics is a fundamental particle called a meson that is the joining of a strange quark and an up quark. It is the paradoxical union of anti-matter and matter. Between these polarities is a truth that can never be measured, as C.S. Lewis would say, by “looking along the beam”. The truth is on the inside.

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