i lay the groundwork

and await the verdict

while failing dramatists

drown in politics

i learned long ago

reaping seeds that i’d sown

of the broken vessel

and the fragile rebel


a vacant father-love

leads to warring over tongue

a symbolic curiosity

this jarring sensibility

that the unity of nation

could rest on education

when internal revolution

trumps indoctrination


yet they haven’t the grit to try

so i turn to the wider sky

between rock and water sings

the gift that turmoil brings

i hand the captor this key

for it is never him

but me

Love’s cyclic melody

hums to be, to be, to be


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Captives in Cameroon

I seek the conditioning that holds captive my generativity.

Art: Earth

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