In Lumen

held tenderly

by energies

the onyx dark

and stellar luce

in a space of grey

bridged lines i trace

the translucent moth

weds the flame


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

The moth is able to navigate the darkness with extrasensory tools. The females are powerfully attractive, and they have a burning desire for light. This past week, I have had moths around me. They fly about, touch my face with their wings, and fly perfect concentric circles around the light. Lacy orbitals, the most beautiful was the Luna. Everything speaks if you listen.

Art by Brigid Ashwood, “Damask Luna Moth”

20 thoughts on “In Lumen

          1. Hmmm… I think I understand. In many ways, life on a submarine presents sharp contrasts between the edge and the edgeless. I ought to be able to send you some additional thoughts later today if you’d like!

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