i am the child

of Holy Fire gone wild

a vehement rage

i yearn to assuage

woman’s bundled heritage

ancestry of deserts forested

licked as they submit

to a false humility

that i bury

in the smoldering remains

of their stolen destinies


my inner winds

sweep the canopy

with ember rain

billowing breath-searing pain

the exhalation of white lies

that shield my shackled cries

as i cower beneath

the dragon’s blaze

and he hands me the rake

for the sake

of my untamed mane


the sea king holds the gold

of alchemy in his palm

the calm of silent vigilance

stirring the expanse

within the bowl of my hips

honey drips from my fingertips

a life-fluid cascade

to douse the flame

as i swallow blame

to name the heat

that dissipates

in the soothing rains

falling from onyx wings

as a thousand sing

across a stellar-jeweled sea


and you come for me

the water-bearer on her knees

and crack the Alabastar jar

the frame of my heart

as love hovers above

and frees the flood


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art “The Water-Bearer” by William Gentry

Fires burn California

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