Absorption Spectrum

douse this flame

as i ease my frame

into your sake

a game

that turns these brittle bones

from shame


for i am porous pumice stone

honed to the press

of your succulent rain

this piqued skin

yearns for the onslaught

forgiven in random restoration

as cold pressed kisses

push rivulets

through my secret inlets


for i am fractured

and they are afraid

as i am unveiled

by the distracted wails

within my own citadel

a truth i tell

as you break inside me

and i cede

where rhythmic waves recede

a patient surrender

ash and artist’s tinder


a single bead to trace

the tear that falls


for i spy her true face

and she cries

my real name


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

For structural integrity and a gentle rain.

Art: Fine Art America, “Difficult Women”

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