Azimuthal Projection

crystal and sea

the abyssal pressure

that forges treasure

while charcoal clings

amidst the debris

churning and groaning

for home in me


a paradise dream

that carves

my striated heart

with drops that start

from my fingertips

drip and prick

belly and hips

with press flash

cool dash relief


each solitary leak

seeps and creeps

into crevices


turn the sensate out

as the dawn chevron

veers steadily south


Despair is the Soul’s prison.

© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Photography: Thank you, Julio for the photo. You can find his photography here @cesarscnc on Instagram.

12 thoughts on “Azimuthal Projection

        1. Religion, inner fires that burn out of control. It’s about control…fundamentalism, radicalism, literalism, internal prisons that show up in the fighting. That is the more difficult work. I imagine you see it where you are?


          1. I do see it clearly and it is a toxic global phenomenon – the appealing to the the very worst of human nature and emotions – fanaticism of all hues – religious and casteist and tribalist and nationalist and gender-based and sexual-orientation based and so much more. it is a sad indictment on where we’ve come in this technological era of 2018 where we have mapped the human genome but still kill and oppress and are racist based on our genetics.

            We SHALL overcome.

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            1. This is the most difficult work, to hunt it on the inside. It is all conditioning that needs to be undone, intricate work…like unknitting, loving the presumably unloveable. Love lingers at the fringes. Join me there, brother. Write me what you see.💛☮


            2. your special way of conveying the sentiments and the challenges that lie in store for us is lyrical as well as a wake-up call for all of us humans.

              I shall join you there, my sister.

              and write what I see …

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