this selkie’s skin

slips from the lines

i cannot be quoined

within your rhymes


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Note to Self: How do you measure success, gaining money or maintaining integrity? You can have both. One feeds the body, the other the Soul. The real work that you do will never be recognized in this world.

This was another one of my grandfather’s stories. He would sit me on his work table while he tinkered with wire and metal. He served in the Navy in the Pacific during WWII, repairing planes on an aircraft carrier. It’s not about bringing home the fish, little one, it’s about telling the good story. Love transcends duty.

Lessons from “The Old Man and the Sea”; article found in The Art of Manliness

Art: “Old Man and the Sea” by Harry G. Seabright

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