i soak you in

pore-bearing and sessile

drawn and thirsty

dessicated from a dry season


you soak my skin

in word and verse

i am the chalice

incurved in your warm hand


The love that surrounds you is the overflow of what is inside you.

© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Painting: “Love Yourself” by Carrie joy Byrnes

13 thoughts on “Incubation

  1. Maria, I meant also to say that “I am the chalice” spoke deeply to me, for in my meditations on my lufe, the image of the chalice came to me. Thankyou so much.

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      1. Yes Msria. That was EXACTLY what I seemed to be receiving in my meditation but you know how it is. We humans tend to doubt when we receive things like this! I do. I think I am nuts or something. But it was SO strong and I myself was the chalice. I must now think on this mire. Thankyou so much Maria. I cannot see the painting but I can read the words and they are beautiful. Bless you.

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        1. The painting is a woman with her eyes closed, maybe meditating. I have been thinking about that image for the past few weeks, the chalice. I will join you in that introspection. Thank you for the companionship, Lorraine.


          1. Oh Maria. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that image of the chalice means to me or speaks to me. It has been with ME for s few weeks as well. Thankyou SO much for describing the painting to me

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