Heat Transfer

in silence solicited

blood oranges drip

sensate sweetness

from the petiole grip of twig

as i press the bark of sublimation

in the passionate elation

of life drawn down

from the crown where i shun

the twine of vines that bind

wrists that fist their fight


and i yearn for the sight

of earthen melted words

that haunt the curve

of your lips

and crave the kiss

of sculpted dust amiss

a trust in starlit trails

of comets that fail the summit

against the force of spin

cast along the shoulder line

a grist and rumble sigh


and what do they say

of falsified prophets

who test the limits of my seeing

the breast of being tucked against

the pamphlet fold of your chest

at best when i succumb to sleep

you see for me the chronicled

and alphabetized meanings

in the depth of a breathing

a throbbing pulse of being

sewn to a soul promise seething

within this temporal infinity

beyond believing


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Painting:“Falling in Love” – Corporate Art Task Force

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