Coulomb Barriers


pomes and passion fruit

the pith sans resistance

pummeled with the persistence

to partake of a retake

as I wait for your hand

to skirt the circumference

of a hip and release your grip

on the certainty that strips

the runners from soil


you toil

and they spit in the wind

navigator’s log jettisoned

for a new commission

and what permission do i enlist

as she plucks a mango and insists

that the people are used to it

martial law the snug fit

of a false stability


and i need your gaze on me

the untidy necessity

of man journeying

from heart to belly

working the ground of destiny

if you desire me raise steam

for i am root to your stone

and you alone can reach me


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: Fire Dance by Anna Rose Bain

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