Liquid Scintillation

tether your heart to mine

and rise skies

that percolate with the weight

of a fragmented dusting

mists that cling to a trusting

in more than fragile things

vanishing in a solar vaporizing

this tapering of flame

as you breathe my name

at the apex of burn


you will come to learn

the taste of this skin

and cradle my sand

a soft-lit gem

in your pressed hand

beyond stellar dimension

resisting reduction

an amalgamation

of rapture beyond capture

this conveyored rumble

of a unified sum


and we squint in the sun

a reflection that comes

of prescience without pretense

and i love you true

as polychromatic dew

spun spatial anomaly

that time never knew


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art by Christian Marcel, “Watching the Sun”

Shocking Syria Withdrawl

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