Night by Sara Teasdale

stars over snow

and in the west

a planet

swinging below a star

look for a lovely thing

and you will find it

it is never far

it will never be far


When I was in college I discovered my love for poetry, not in a classroom or in a scripted anthology, but in a small book tucked away on an ornate shelf in the library when I was supposed to be studying microbiology.

I turned to her words and I heard a poignant longing that echoed my own. A stone cast into the deep well of being. I tucked the book under my arm and headed out disarmed into the night and snow, gazing long ahead at the treads I could not know. Yet as the moon rose her heart spoke, “child, child…love while you can”. I knew I was on the path, and still I am, and still I am…

Poem by Sara Teasdale

Art by Laura Iverson, “Stars Like Snow”

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      1. Thank you so much, I thin especially the part about my wit because it can also be offputting, lol.
        I’ve admired much of your work silently because sometimes words escape me in the face of beautiful things like hearts and poems

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