Night by Sara Teasdale

stars over snow

and in the west

a planet

swinging below a star

look for a lovely thing

and you will find it

it is never far

it will never be far


When I was in college I discovered my love for poetry, not in a classroom or in a scripted anthology, but in a small book tucked away on an ornate shelf in the library when I was supposed to be studying microbiology.

I turned to her words and I heard a poignant longing that echoed my own. A stone cast into the deep well of being. I tucked the book under my arm and headed out disarmed into the night and snow, gazing long ahead at the treads I could not know. Yet as the moon rose her heart spoke, “child, child…love while you can”. I knew I was on the path, and still I am, and still I am…

Poem by Sara Teasdale

Art by Laura Iverson, “Stars Like Snow”

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