Receptor Mediation

orange blossoms linger

tipping fingers

a mingle in valley sun

and i am one

born west to rest

in the dabbled sum

of existence

a scented persistence

where colors run

and mix

on the wrist of elation




as in you lean in

to this bouquet

a tender kiss

and find your way

in the foray of bliss


How often do we miss life’s beautiful sensations?

Receptor mediation is only worthwhile if you are paying attention.

© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: “Ecstacy” by Natalie Simongulahvilla

17 thoughts on “Receptor Mediation

      1. Oh Maria. How lovely of you. It is steange what you can smell when you are blind. You don’t smell things like walls when you have sight, but one day I was walking by an ancient stone church, and as I walked I could SMELL the walls! Amazing!

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