constrain me delicately

in the fragrant beauty

of this ethereal tether

beyond nectar

the sweet specter

of a feather’s breadth of scent

depth hovering in its ascent

within the crystalline goblet

of this essence decanted

into your steady hands

my decadence

tempered and rendered

in a slow surrender

the ache and trace

of Love’s petals

close on your breath

a whisper on flesh

a flush swept

with florets of promise

in the silence that is kept


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Plumeria attracts night pollinators, enticing with an enchanting scent. In the absence of nectar, the blooms offer the essence of beauty untethered from expectation. It is choice in freedom that becomes the tether, far removed from duty and conditioning, a mutual dance of flying and swaying.

Art: Plumerias by Karen Thrasher

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