a gurgling cascade

stones are remade

in the gush

and rushed thrust

i replay

as stars take turns

in curtsey and burn

and winds trade for frost

the cost that i have laid

bared across my breast


i trust the fir’s hush

nested into the thrushes

hollowed tone

torn from a heart

half my own

and i live zoned


though the essential flourish

nourishes a divine holograph

and quasars laugh

at the single bent stream

of energy particulate

that spans a thigh

and swoons a hip

why do i ask why?

as i cry

in your tender grip


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Art: “Balinese Woman Among the Flowers” by Taman Tan

Listen to Thermodynamics by Maria Gianna Iannucci #np on #SoundCloud

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