Sea Glass by M.G. Iannucci and W.C. Stacia, Jr.


skies cornfields blue

framing stark contrast,

abrupt from the hue

she swept it away

straw and broom

a cleansing,

a purging,

unburdening detritus

and it was the slightest

trace of scarlet

the wound it sliced

as he hauled its plastic tomb

to the curb


bleed, he must

the wound,

pain’s aperture

the tomb, a vessel,

the contents, his core

open sore of ache

thirst he could not slake

this broken destiny

barged and tossed in the sea


face forged of longing

edges carved

saber of sadness the steel

a reflection the glass

once revealed

rolled and smoothed

by the tide

incessant tumbling

churning, a cleansing,

edges of his past,



and she resumed

playing in the waves

little legs running to him

the red haired freckled

eyes of blue

boy she loved true

splashes of life

frayed sails, mending,

droplets, so smoothing,

life now, exposing

and what the sea

had been holding

he drew from the sand

gracing his cobalt gift

to her hand


M.G. Iannucci & W.C. Stacia, Jr. 2019

Art: Artist unknown

This poem was written on a whim, one of those moments when you just stop thinking and give it a go. The words flowed and married themselves into a story that begged to be read. We offer this to you in two voices.

For the past few months, I have been helping Bill Stacia to edit and compile his book, Undress My Heart in preparation for publication. You can find more of Bill’s written and spoken word poetry on his site WCS Poetry. My small enterprise Lumen Author Services also completed the formatting for Rob Taylor’s four books The Irreducible Primary, Noesis, Northern Moons, and Downside Up.

It is a delight to project manage these creative endeavors and I look forward to furthering collaborations as Bill and I take the leap in co-writing our first novel.

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