Nuclear Proliferation

the release

of neutral buoyancy

untangled from rubble

awake amidst sleep


within the meniscus

of being

invisible to the unseeing

kelp fronds streaming

a swallow not a gull

the role

of my life’s destiny

and i know

after i picking the lock

of an inner mystery

i embrace

a human consistency

the creativity

that gathers dust

and molds trust

from the unseen

and every woman

that you teach

is part of me

for nothing here

is as it seems

as i channel

a feminine mystery

and i cannot leave

for my love

it bleeds

for the Self

for the Many

for the One

and i am smitten only

by the Sun


Your self is all you ever see.

© M.G. Iannucci 2019

14 thoughts on “Nuclear Proliferation

          1. Yes, it’s true. And there are times where people get my name right and then there are times when they don’t. It’s just sometimes I notice, and also that sometimes I smile, sometimes I don’t even notice, sometimes I mind … it is always a questions where we are at the moment, and we are always changing, never the same, so … this is just a name for … well, for a few, and they don’t need the name anyway …

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