At the Seams

iron-bound rosed blush

raised by a tectonic crush

the generative amalgamation

culmination of desiccation

ocean thrust into the cove

of my susurrating exhalation


and crystals cling

to this transpiring

in exploration of the peaks

a promise to know

from the bonding below

the deep and tinted seam


and steepest climb

where my tropic rind

binds your salted throes

an earthen spice

undissolved by time

la musica adagio


Art by Mia Tavonatti, “Sogni Dolci”

© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Himalayan pink salt formed before borders were drawn. Love is a universal solvent.

13 thoughts on “At the Seams

      1. The collaborations I’ve been doing? They’re interesting for me too. Lol. I’ve never written with someone before, well once but it became super convoluted for me.
        It’s been a learning experience and a little or a lot of growth for me as an unprofessional writer
        Anyhow, this was a lovely piece

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          1. One thing I discussed with Clever was that I like to be able to see the individuality in the poem or prose. To see the difference and how it’s highlights the qualities of the other. I know most works aren’t don’t this way, people do it more as a together piece, I just like the feel of the difference. I think maybe it adds an intimacy in my mind.

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