for my beloved

and timeless one

the gentle mirror

for whom i come undone

the heated fervor

and desired perch

where my fingers cling

to celestial words

as they take wing

in your fiery lines

in the configuration

of soulful rhyme

a graven image

marked in skin

where a whisper ends

and we begin

our archetypes swirl

as lotus mimes

vellum curled

stellar valentines


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Photo: Kalanchoe flower from Hawaii, the first flowering plant to be sent into space.

21 thoughts on “Déshabillé

  1. I especially like these lines:
    “the gentle mirror
    “for whom i come undone”
    I was immediately caught by the double entendre. The first meaning is that he/she sees through you, reflects you back, and for whom you are exposed, but also for whom you undress.

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