Trap Rock Ridges

marble chips

clipped from the surface

of a million’s years

the compressed regress

of limestone alone

amidst the hemlocks

that disappear

beneath the frothed veneer

of infinitesimal insects

as cicadas saw

the density of atmosphere

with compression waves

that nibble my ears


what a strange creature

who contemplates this nature

apart and between

an awareness of being

as the downy purse of milkweed

brushes a thigh and they fly

the object of mimicry

an expression of flattery

in the beauty of fluttering kisses

that waft my cheek

flush with memory

of your scent a journey bent

by the closing of distance

and i am spent in delight

in the fading light

on the wetted side

of the river’s bed


© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Art:“Washing Hair” by Floriana Barbu

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