embellish me

with celestial beads

spun from desire

for delicate things

enrobed in life

and stitched in time

with a swirl of sequins

on the shift of night

wrap me in

galactic arms

satin scallops

fringed with stars

a silken train

in the comet’s wake

taffeta rustle

of a bodice shaped

to hug the curve

of a universe

with wedded word

and sculpted verse

as you lavish me

with embroidery

of bluebells

under the arch of trees

lift my locks

like the tendriled vine

paint my lips

the shade of wine

tuck a bloom

behind my ear

inhale my essence

bending near

lost in blue

your eyes above

the scent of beauty

in the garb of love


The gift of time is more than chronological when recognized as valuable by the human biographical. Within the garb of the healthy biological is always something beautiful.

© M.G. Iannucci 2019

Art by Richard Johnson

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