Symbolic consciousness is a defining characteristic of the human, therefore I write.

Words create the world.Profile

Thank you for visiting.If you would like to see my academic and work-related information, you can find me on Linkedin.



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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and responding to one of my posts. I will certainly be back to read. I, too, am an educator as well — English, Earth-Space Science, Integrated Science, Advanced-level Reading, Educational Leadership — mostly at the middle school level, God help me!

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      1. A hero? No. More like “special,” as so many murmur when they hear middle school. Of course, “special” carries so many connotations.

        I don’t always do shaped poems. This one came in about 25 minutes. I had it in my mind from the time I read the prompt. The formatting was the beast. I considered just drawing it.

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  2. I’m so glad I came across your blog, Maria. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting and inspiring journey following you. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for following me too!
    Best wishes, Ally ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Maria Montessori- a great Italian educator indeed. I can see why you chose this pathway. She endured much in life- and set the bar for many to come.. We have always educated our two daughters- one now attending university- absolutely shines through. And the other in preperation for this coming year. I have learnt that we are judged mainly by what we do- and our back grounds. What we achieve in life. I show my daughters the love of a father- this is the reflection I share with them. Then they are free to study and become confident in life- simply because they are loved…… Not what they have to do to please……… The Lord bless you as you continue to write… Ciao.

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  4. In life we have great opportunities- in meeting all sorts of wonderful people. Albert Einstein expressed this-” No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong” Science isn’t about why ! it is about why not………Grazie per aver scritto……. Great to have met you- Cagnetta family………

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  5. Thank you for visiting & following my blog, I enjoy your way of writing and expressing things. Also I get more and more motivated, to translate my own poems in English language and publish them biliungual. Again thank you and have a beautiful day! Wally.

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  6. Thank You for your generosity!

    As someone who is now too unwell for accomplishments: I am amazed you manage to fit so much into your life.
    And, on top of all that, you still find the time to put “Likes” on my newbie blog, when no-one else has bothered.

    Best Wishes from Ken

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          1. I have posted every week since your last “like” on June 9th 2017.

            (Though I may be too ill for one this time, am really struggling with illness.)

            I hope you will find something of interest. I value your opinion.

            Thank you.

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  7. Why did you homeschool your boys? If you have already written about that in a post, please link it. I’m curious because although I enjoyed school very much as a child, I do believe public school had much to do with drifting away from God.

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    1. I wanted my children to be free to think for themselves. I used Maria Montessori’s method. She was a Catholic physician. They were in and out of school depending on what they needed. I stayed home with them as long as I could. You blog is nice, and your daughter beautiful!

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  8. Dear Maria,
    I wonder how you came upon my blog…but I’m glad you did! I love “Reflections on Existence.” I was recently reminded of Socrates’s statement that “an un-examined life is not worth living.” You seem to have said it in another way. I’m looking forward to your posts.
    Most Sincerely,


    1. I would not say I live a large, open life but I suppose teaching puts me in contact with many people. I am quite an introvert and writing is a huge leap! Your painting have a living quality which I like. I am trying to get people to realize that you can be an artist and understand science too! It is wonderful to find kindred spirits!

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    1. You are welcome. I used to live in Old Saybrook, CT! What a wonderful website you have, and books as well! I am honored that you liked my writing. I am still tentative about it, except for the fact that it brings joy. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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      1. Thanks. I think I detect that you too live along the CT shoreline, i.e., within meeting distance. Looks like we have much in common; perhaps we could grab a breakfast, lunch or an end of day glass of wine together some day. if you would like, why don’t you send me an email at jumpstartjoy@gmail.com?


  9. I’m always glad to find a fellow teacher, especially of science. I retired from the classroom 9 yrs ago. As you found, I continue with my blog. Thank you for your recent visit and follow. I hope you will find things of interest to you.

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